REGABOND-S is developed for use as the non-slip temporary fixation material, cushion foam used for stationery and electrical appliances, as well as various other general-purpose applications.



PE Protection Film
Micro-suction Side

Special Acrylic Foam

PET Film
Acrylic Adhesive Side
Paper Liner



* The micro-suction side is easy to stick and tear repeatedly.

* If the micro-suction side becomes dirty, wipe the surface with a wet tissue and the surface becomes reusable as before.



Thickness mm 0.6
Foam Thickness (Color) 0.5 (Black, White)
Protection Film Thickness 0.06
Paper Liner Thickness 0.13


Usable Unusable
Flat surface material

Glass, Metal,

Marble, Plastic etc.

Rough surface

Wet Area



1. Stand, Docking station (Attaching a tablet or a smartphone / A rubber foot )

2. Smartphone and tablet accessories  ( Fixing to a folio case, a ring holder)

3. Gaskets for internal components of smartphone (LCD, Battery, Speaker, Microphone e.g.)

4. Stationery fixation (Bookends, Pencil stand, name plate, dry-erase / whiteboard e.g.)

*Storing: Please store the product in a tightly wound fashion. It will become wrinkled if it loosens.