REGABOND-S is developed for use as the non-slip temporary fixation material, cushion foam used for the stationery and electrical appliances, as well as various other general-purpose applications.



PE Protect Film
Micro-suction Side

Special Acrylic Foam

PET Film
Acrylic Adhesive Side
Paper Liner



* The micro-suction side is easy to stick and tear repeatedly.

* If the micro-suction side becomes dirty, wipe the surface with a wet tissue and the surface becomes reusable as before.



Color and Thickness mm White: 0.5, 0.8

Black: 0.3, 0.5, 0.8

Magnification % 150
Elongation % 400
Tensile Strength N/cm 12.74


Usable Unusable
Flat surface material

Glass, Metal,

Marble, Plastic etc.

Rough surface

Wet Area



1. Stand, Docking station (Attaching a tablet or a smartphone / A rubber foot )

2.Smartphone and tablet folio cases ( Fixing to the case and the front cover )

3. Gaskets for internal components of smartphone (LCD, Battery, Speaker, Microphone e.g.)

4. Stationery fixation (Bookends, Pencil stand e.g.)

*Storing: Please store the product in a tightly wound fashion. It will become wrinkled if it loosens.